We are what decisions we make. Small or Big.

Decision Research works as a knowledge partner in the Indian ecosystem aimed to spread behavioral science and the psychology of human judgment and decision making in India.

Latest Insights

  • Sport as a Window into Decision-Making in Real Life
    Sports can provide a useful lens for understanding decision-making in real life. In sports, decisions are made in real-time, under pressure, and with limited information, which mirrors many of the challenges individuals face in daily life.
  • Public judgments and opinions about the adoption of XR technology in India
    Content from Knowledge Partner Dentsu India has released its latest research report titled ‘Adoption of XR technology in India’. The report was created in collaboration with Recogn – Dentsu India’s research division, Dr. Sumitava Mukherjee from IIT Delhi and Dr. Payel C. Mukherjee from IIIT-Delhi. This is part of the digital behavior initiative. Want to explore how we can collaborate? Contact us


Upcoming Workshop

Academic-Industry dialogues on

Better Products, Brands, and Society

Applied Behavioral Science & Context Architecture

Organized by Dept of HSS at IIT Delhi and 1001Stories

16 Mar 2024

Main building, IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas, New Delhi

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2023 JDM Meeting

We got started with the Annual Judgment and Decision Making (JDM) Conference in India with the inaugural meeting on 12 Dec 2023 at IIT Kanpur. Read More.

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2024 JDM Meeting

Planning is in progress

Details are to be published soon


We generate insights for public consumption and engage with others to spread the science of decision making in India, provide knowledge consulting, and form research partnerships.

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